Star Citizen - GrimHex Hospital Medical Rooms Floor

It was Montreal's studio first mandate on Star Citizen, which was released in the 3.15 update. I was part of the GrimHex hospital team. My task was to make Level art of the medical rooms floor, based on Eric Gagnon and Danny Chan's concept arts . All the hospital was a collaborative effort from the team. I made all phases on this floor and Camille Loison helped me on the entrance of the medical rooms. The majority of the assets were already existing but I made some props like screen monitor, centrifuge, small rolling table, medical rolling curtain, medical bed canopy and all the tarps. The materials applied on it were already made by someone else.
Art Direction: Ian Leyland, Pierre-Luc Boulais
Lead Environment Artist: Maxime Guindon
Lighting: Lars Hofrichter
Environment Artists: Clement Dieu, Camille Loison
Concept Artists: Eric Gagnon and Danny Chan
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